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"Yeah. Just a minute."

Jesse could've done what he needed to do right here in the hospital of course. The location didn't matter as much as the materials did. And hell, he had a ready source right here in front of him.

But, well, fuck. Jesse was what you might call a pragmatist, but that didn't mean he wanted to use Brianna, especially seeing as how she was still warm, and that thought was just hitting a bit too close to home for him. He needed to be able to separate his emotions from the job, and that wasn't any kind of unreasonable request, now was it? No.

Besides, this place was a bit too open. And a bit too spooky, for that matter. He needed somewhere he could get a bit of a blind spot from the cameras.

"I... look Chris, I don't want to explain too much. You know, obvious reasons. But I promise you that I've got something. I need some broken glass, or anything sharp."

The fish tank. That'd be a start.


And Jesse was careful not to slit his fucking wrists on any of the glass shards that they'd gathered into Brianna's duffel bag. The glass on the tank had been too thin and fragile to suit Jesse's purpose, but the office windows had yielded some dagger-like pieces that would be absolutely perfect.

"Alright," he said, lifting the bag up carefully. "Now we're going."

He didn't look back at Brianna. She was gone. She was good, really fucking good, but she was gone now, and Jesse Jennings was not what you'd call someone who dwelled on the past. And when the army swooped and and President McAllister pinned that medal on his shirt a few days and weeks from now, well, he'd add her to the list of people to thank.

(Jesse Jennings continued in 'Cause When You Try Hard)
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