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Can you hear me?
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The tension in the air was something you could cut with a knife. Well, maybe with Kyoko or the one in Kat's hand, actually.

Stacy had a gun, which wasn't good. She couldn't tell if Rachael had something, but that only made things worse. Kat had reacted rather... hostile? Hostile. That was it. And Stacy had that waver in her voice. Miranda tried to think back to when she first saw Kat at the airport. Nothing about Stacy, she recalled. Plenty about her stabbing Miles, which apparently, if the announcements were true, he survived. She had heard something about Stacy and Miles being a thing for a while, but did word even travel that fast on the island to know if Kat had done something to Miles?

Was there something she was missing?

Perhaps it was just island stress. She knew the feeling.

Her eyes flicked towards the gun. Gun versus two sharp objects. That was definitely an advantage in Stacy's favor if something happened. Sure, Kyoko provided a fair amount of distance, but not as much as a gun would. With a spear, you had to get a bit closer. It was even more true with the knife. Miranda had no idea if Stacy was a good shot, but she did have the upper arm in weapons.

Miranda's eyes went off the gun and looked for a way out if it did get worse. Stacy and Rachael were blocking the way they came, so can't go that way. There was probably another exit, no doubt. But Stacy could still shoot at them. For a second, Miranda recalled how she had been shot at shortly after she... met Kaitlyn. That had been a different gun, most probably, but she remembered how she tried to run away, only being certain once she far from the house that she hadn't been shot. It wasn't something she wanted to relive.

Feeling it a bit harder to breath, Miranda looked further around the room. Her gaze drifted towards the door with Stacy and Rachael, to Kat, to the coffee table with a vase perched on it, to the spear, to the gun, and back again.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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