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Stacy held her breath as the door slowly creaked open. The first thing she saw was a girl standing up and looking straight at her with a spear in hand. Stacy's muscles tensed as her eyes kept locked onto the spear the girl was holding. At first she didn't recognise the short haired girl, it was only when she said Stacy’s name that she realised who it was.

“Miranda.” Stacy said with a sigh of relief.

Although she wasn't that close with Miranda, it was still better than having someone like Hansel Williams be in here. Stacy had only spoken with Miranda a few times, but on those few occasions, she had always been pleasant with her. Then again, given her reputation, she wouldn't have been that surprised if Miranda had gone and bitched about her to her friends soon after. However, there was a strange feeling she had within the brief moment she saw Miranda. Wasn't she on one of the announcements?

Before Stacy had time to expand on her thoughts, another voice greeted her. Stacy’s eyes panned across from Miranda and down to the sofa where another girl was sitting. Her stomach sank and she squeezed Rachael’s arm even tighter as she stared wide eyed at Kat. The last time Stacy saw Kat it had ended with Stacy pointing her shotgun in her face. Kat had a weapon in her hand too. A knife. The same knife she had tried to murder Miles with.

“Hello Kat.” Stacy responded in a wavering voice.
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