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Chris tensed as he heard someone call out his name. He relaxed once the voice confirmed that they were Jesse and then slowly walked into view. Chris thought that yelling in a place like the hospital after someone had died was a bad idea, but he kept it to himself. He didn't want to over-complicate the situation.

Jesse skipped past all of Chris's potential responses by just stating that he had seen Brianna. Which...made things slightly easier; Chris didn't have to break the news about the death to Jesse at the very least which was something he was thankful for. He had never been very good with dealing with emotions or reacting to other peoples.

Jesse didn't give him any time to respond to the statement either; he just went straight on through. He had something planned. Chris knew they had been discussing a plan to escape before they had entered the hospital but since then he hadn't put any real thought into it.

From the sound of it though Jesse had it all figured out and was ready to go. Chris didn't have to think long and hard about his choice, he made it surprisingly quickly.

"I'll help."

Chris wasn't sure what made it such an easy decision; the terrorists had been very clear at the beginning of the game what going against their rules resulted in. He looked back at the office Brianna was in. But at the same time Chris didn't have anything else.

"We're going now right?"
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