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It was then that Rachael began to regret not being more physically active in her life before Survival of the Fittest. Despite her request, Stacy was determined with going into the room where the people were. Rachael couldn't break free from Stacy's grip, so she was pulled down the hall with her companion. With every step, Rachael prayed they weren't walking towards any danger, imagining several dark scenarios that ended with the two of them dying in horrible ways. Finally, Stacy reached the door and opened it, calling out to whoever was in there.

The first response was somewhat pleasant. It sounded like someone who recognized Stacy. Rachael looked in the room and saw two girls. The first, the one who called out to Stacy, was Miranda Millers. Rachael almost didn't recognize her without her hair, but Miranda was supposed to be a popular girl like Stacy, so it looked like they had found a friend. This might have been worth going to the room for.

The other girl was Katarin Tolstoff. Rachael knew she was a basketball player, and her greeting sounded like she knew Stacy as well.

"Um...hi," Rachael said to the girls in the room.

If these girls knew Stacy, it was likely they weren't going to be in any danger after all. Rachael now felt kind of embarrassed for how she acted moments ago.
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