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(DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK, WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR holy crap almost a year)

Venice ended up lying on the floor, the others deciding to sit on the couch. No room to squirm meant having to bundle up against one another and try not to knock against each other's limbs trying their damnedest to act like they were perfectly fine.

"No thank you."

The movie itself wasn't too bad actually. Snow White was always one of those movies she said she liked when people asked because it was considered a classic, but she ended up enjoying it for real, giving it was just a kiddie movie. At least it was pretty looking.

As the credits rolled, Venice grabbed her brush and began combing her hair, just waiting till the next event of the evening was brought up.

And then Rosemary's stomach let out a roar and an idea popped into Venice's head.

"We should cut the cake!" Venice said, pointing to the table that held the pastry with her brush.

Might as well, right?
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