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Rosemary nodded with a small smile as the others welcomed her in. She maneuvered Bella's present and set it down where the others were, before walking to a free chair around the television.

"Sorry about pausing the movie." She apologized, hoping any good times that had been happening before she had shown up were not halted on her account.

As they began the movie once more, Rosemary saw it was Snow White. A classic Disney movie, but not one of her favorites. Thinking back, she had probably never watched the beginning of the movie all the way through before. The parts she remembered best always had the dwarves in them, maybe because they were the most entertaining to her when she was younger. Sure, a prince coming to wake an beautiful enchanted maiden with true love's first kiss was all well and good, but that story was told time after time.

It was obvious in every movie like it there would be a Happily Ever After waiting.

The watched the movie, and time passed until it was around a meal time. Rosemary stayed quiet of her growing appetite, but her stomach voiced her protests for her with an audible groaning sound.

"S-sorry." Rosemary said for probably the fifth time since she entered the house. The clothes, the magnificence of the room- it made her nervous.

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