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Can you hear me?
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So she heard that too?

Then again, anyone could have heard that racket that followed shortly afterwards. A lot of creaking and shuffling came from the hallway. She wasn't sure what the person- girl?- was doing to make all this noise. Did they know they were in here, and were trying to unnerve them? Maybe there was more than one. But why all the noise? Maybe they didn't feel the need to be quiet when going down the hallway. That was somehow worse, like they were absolutely sure they didn't need to be stealthy.

Miranda sat and listened, holding Kyoko close to her. Eventually, however, the noise was too much for her.

Slowly, she lifted herself off the seat, spear in hand.

"I'll check it out", she said, her voice still in a whisper.

To be honest, she was a little nervous. Then again, what else was new? But the sounds, she had to figure out where they came from. Or rather, who, since someone was clearly behind them. She wasn't sure if she should look into it. But maybe it was. After all, it could be a sign of an ambush for all they knew.

She thought back to Kaitlyn and Baxter. Maybe she had been too jumpy with her, and maybe not jumpy enough with him. So it was clear that there needed to be a happy medium between the two. Maybe just take a peek at the hallway, and push them out if she needed to. Kyoko wasn't at all a bad weapon. Even if she couldn't stab them with it, she could hit someone with it, she had realized. Anyways, she was going to check that out, and at least try to figure out who it was.

It turned out, however, that she didn't need to.

The door opened on its own, revealing another familiar face. She knew Stacy. No, this one wasn't Mordetsky. Mordetsky had been killed the same day Naomi had. Stacy Ramsey did have a few similarities, though. Both modeled, for instance, and were flirtatious.

She kind of missed Mordetsky, in hindsight.

Not that she hadn't been on good terms with Ramsey, of course. She remembered seeing her at prom, and she was as far as she could tell, a nice and friendly girl. All in all, normally Ramsey wasn't a bad girl, but a lot of things had changed since they had been abducted. Ramsey hadn't been on the announcements, she recalled, but there was a chance of something happening.

What was interesting, though, was that she appeared to be carrying a frightened Rachael Langdon in tow.

It was an odd combo, in all honesty. Seeing the flirtatious Stacy Ramsey with the timid Rachael Langdon? Even now, there was something kind of surreal about that. Miranda briefly wondered about the series of events that lead to them spending time together. It was probably something she was never going to find out, just that here they were, both in the same place and standing in the doorway.


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