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((Minor GMing approved))

Stacy grasped firmly onto Rachael’s arm and pulled her back as she attempted to turn around and leave. She seemed worried about the people in the room down the hall, and if Stacy was perfectly honest, she was too. There could be anyone in that room, maybe one of the confirmed killers, but Stacy had to be hopeful and believe that it could be one of their friends, or at the very least, someone friendly.

“Oh don’t be silly, Miles is fine.” Stacy murmured into Rachael’s ear. “Let’s go check it out; it might be someone we know.”

Whilst still holding onto Rachael, Stacy took a step forward. She immediately lurched back as Rachael stood her ground. Stacy let out an irritated grunt and frowned at Rachael.

“Come on.” Stacy hissed as she tugged Rachael’s arm.

As Stacy heaved Rachael down the hallway, she could feel her trying to resist, but in response Stacy dragged harder. Their short trip down the hallway was creating an awful lot of noise. Stacy winced every time the pair stood on a creaky floorboard and there was the constant sound of scuffing feet as Rachael continued to protest to go down the hall. They’d pretty much blown their cover. With the amount of noise they were making, the people in the room would definitely know there was someone else in the house with them now.

The pair of them stopped a couple of feet away from the room. Stacy’s heart was pounding. Perhaps they had made a mistake on investigating who the people in the room were. There was no turning back now anyway; even if they decided to leave right now, the people who were in the room were more than likely to come out and inspect on the racket that they had made walking down the corridor.

“Hello?” Stacy called out. Taking a deep breath, Stacy took a step forward and pushed open the door.
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