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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Rachael was immediately creeped out by the mansion. There were animal trophies all over the place, most of them smelled terrible after years of decay had set in on then. Rachael had to remind herself that they could go back to Miles after this house. If there was no one around, all the better. If there was someone, hopefully it wouldn't be anyone dangerous.

Stacy pulled Rachael's arm and told her to stop. Rachael quickly stopped moving, her feet making a scuffing sound on the old floor. Stacy whispered that she could hear people in the next room. Rachael froze. A wave of panic suddenly came over her. She quickly put her free hand over her mouth. She now wished they had been a little more careful walking in. She couldn't convince herself that the people in the room might be allies. Her mind automatically assumed the worst.

Rachael turned towards Stacy and began to motion with her head back towards the entrance of the mansion. She didn't want to say anything too loud, but she hoped Stacy understood her suggestion.

"L-l-let's just go," Rachael whispered very quietly after uncovering her mouth. "Miles is probably worried about us."
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