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Kat was … enjoying the treat that Miranda offered her. Yeah. That was the right word for a piece of food offered from a friend. At least they could "enjoy" something that was slightly better than the shit they were given. There was nothing now. Just the sound of chewing and a wrapper unfolding.

"Kat, did you hear that?"

Miranda had her fingers around her spear, as if something was

Okay there was something wrong. Or more specifically, someone wrong. Somewhere close to them, there were two people. One of them sounded familiar, but she couldn't put a finger on it. This could be good. It also could be very, very bad, as some people had to have gone crazy - hell, given that some people had at least three kills, it was pretty likely that some people were crazy.

Kat just nodded as she swallowed the remaining taste of her bar and gripped her knife in her hand.
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