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Can you hear me?
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Miranda flinched a little bit as Kat reached the bar. Sometimes she was still a little... concerned about her. Was that the correct phrasing? Maybe. But the point was, there was still something that made her jump, even now. Heck, Kat didn't even move that quickly. She just took it, nothing really all that shocking.

But she honestly couldn't help but smile a bit as she watched her begin to eat it.

Once Kat began to chew on the bar, Miranda slid out a second Datrex, the sound of unwrapping plastic briefly filling the air as she peeled away the wrapper.

It was a quiet moment, she had to admit. It was just two girls, eating weird tasting ration bars in a room where lots of living creatures had sacrificed their lives to decorate. Not that she was complaining, though. She actually kind of liked it. There was very little interrupting the silence.

Miranda softly nipped into the bar, tearing off a small piece.


A sound.

For a second, Miranda looked like a startled rabbit, and looked up from her bar, eyes wide. She didn't hear that, did she? Maybe she just imagined it, but it sounded like the door opening. Her head turned towards the way her and Kat came, hoping it was just in her head.

A few beats later, and she heard another distant sound. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but it was a voice. A girl's, by the sound of it.

She knew what that was, and she hated it.

Slowly, she scooted closer to the edge where Kyoko had been leaned against, reaching down to coil her free fingers around the shaft. She had a feeling she was going to need to use it again.

"Kat, did you hear that?" she whispered.

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