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Sleep was anything but peaceful. Fitful was a better way to describe it. Chris fell in and out of different dreams all with different images, none of them pleasant. Death, fear and blood were the things he could remember when he woke up. In a strange bout of irony he felt more refreshed then he had before he went to sleep. So it wasn't a nightmare so much as his subconscious trying to make sense of what was going on...or something along those lines.

He slowly pushed himself up. His neck ached from the rest, which was to be expected. Chris rolled his head around and got a satisfying click from his neck in response. His mind then moved onto the two most important issues that he was facing: was Brianna OK and how long had he been out? His stood up using the wall to keep himself centred. He grabbed his pack next and swung it over his shoulder. All he had to do was find where Brianna had been last. That wasn't going to be easy because all the corridors in the hospital looked the same.

He drew his flashlight out of the pack and clicked it on as he stepped into the corridor. Everything seemed to be as it was when he went to sleep so nothing major could have happened. He would have woken up if something important had happened wouldn't he? Chris shook the feeling away, he would have woken up it was just the hospital making him tense. It had put him on edge earlier as well. It just seemed to be a natural response to the building. He started moving through the corridors heading in the general direction of the place he'd seen Brianna.

She wasn't there. Chris didn't think too much of it. She had probably just moved somewhere else; he hadn't expected to find her straight away anyway. He sighed to himself, he didn't want to explore any more of the hospital but it looked like he had no other choice. He moved at a steady pace sweeping the flashlight from room to room as he passed them. There didn't seem to be any sign of Brianna, and then he got a break. He spotted someone lying down on a couch in one of the offices. As Chris moved closer and swung the flashlight over them he recognised Brianna's face. He breathed a sigh of relief. Nothing had happened while he was asleep after all.

Chris stepped a little but closer and swung the flashlight over the office, everything seemed to be in order. He decided he'd just go on watch and let Brianna sleep. He turned to leave but stopped halfway. There was something on the floor by Brianna that had caught his eye. The flashlight had just passed over it while he turned. He pointed the flashlight down and scanned the floor. There was a bottle of pills open and some of the contents had spilled out over the floor.

A lump rose in Chris's throat. He stepped across the threshold and into the office. Moving closer to Brianna, she wasn't moving. He ended up in front of the sofa before he realised she wasn't breathing.

She'd killed herself.

Chris stood there looking at her body.

He had only just seen her. How long had she been planning to kill herself? How had he not noticed? When had she done it? Questions just poured forth from Chris's mind as he stood looking at the girl’s body. He breathed out slowly. He didn't say anything at first, he couldn't find the words.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled eventually. It meant nothing anymore, just two words he was saying to himself. Trying to relieve the guilt he felt. He turned away and screwed his eyes shut. Taking great effort to keep himself calm and his breathing steady. Eventually he opened them again. Something was reflecting the light of the flashlight back. He moved closer and saw that it was Brianna's gun.

He crouched down and picked it up. It was heavier than he expected but it was made of metal after all.

Chris felt like a scavenger as he walked out of the office with the pistol in his hand. He had to ignore those feelings though, he had to find Jesse so they could either put his plan into motion. If not...the lighthouse was the first place he remembered being mentioned as somewhere to go. Chris severely doubted that Matt would still be there but he still felt like he needed to go there. As things stood though, he'd have to find Jesse.

He looked at the gun in his hand. The next steps were going to be much harder.

He started walking through the hospital.
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