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(Jesse Jennings continued from Daddy Long Legs and Dead Things)

Oh, and when Jesse got back in that night? Yeah, Brianna was dead.

He knew. He knew by her position and by the pills by her feet and by the fact that she wasn't, y'know, breathing. And he knew because he'd gone off on some mindbending, dazed walk outside the hospital for a half hour after the realization hit him, one that he couldn't even remember now that he was back in the lobby, and he sure as shit wouldn't have done something like that if she'd been alive.

Chris was still asleep. Jesse had no fuckin' clue whether he should wake the guy up or not. He'd been careful so far to keep quiet, because he was still trying to plan things out, but right now his mind was still like half-glazed over or something and all he could think was...

"Too fucking bad," Jesse whispered, staring back at her body.

He backed slowly out of the hospital's entryway, and crouched back against the wall just outside the door, weight on the balls of his feet. Tried to clear his mind. Yeah, too fucking bad. This whole trip was getting too fucking bad by now, and even someone as eternally confident as Jesse Jennings would freely admit that his initial hopes of saving most of the class were wildly optimistic. But did that mean that what he'd accomplished so far was for nothing?

No. Fuck no.

He still knew what to do next.

Now he just needed to find the gun.
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