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Five minutes passed. Ten. Thirty. Nothing had happened. The terrorists hadn't switched the pills for poison. There wasn't a trick this time. She had found something to find some comfort in. Brianna rested her head on the back of the couch and closed her eyes.

She could see Michael now. He would still be awake. Probably video calling that boy he'd met back at school. Before Brianna would have known all about him, but she couldn't quite remember his name anymore. Nick? That was probably it.

She mouthed her thoughts upon her lips. "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry."

Brianna wouldn't make it home. She couldn't go through with it. No matter how much she wanted to be back with her family, she couldn't do it on these terms. At least, not yet.

That scared her most. She'd come so close to giving up on the one thing she still had here. Her humanity. The very core of her morals and ethics were tested on this island, but she'd held steadfast. But there was only so much she could take before she'd try again. Maybe she'd actually do it that time.

She cast a glance at the gun. Dangerously, it beckoned to be held back in her grip. It wanted her to play the way the terrorists demanded of them. It had already taken two lives, and it had the potential for so many more. She'd counted the bullets. She knew exactly what it could do.

Instead, her grasp held a bottle of this medication. She had a clear choice here. Give in and play the way they wanted?

"No. I am not this game." In a fluid motion, Brianna emptied a small cluster of these blue pills and placed them into her mouth. The chase of water afterward marked her final decision.

Brianna hoisted herself onto the couch, casting away the bottle onto the floor. A small trail of blue sprawled into a crescent by her feet. She could lie down with ease for the first time in days. Finally each night wasn’t marked by the dread of what morning would say. She knew that she'd done all that she could. She'd fought against the game from the very beginning. Would her father be proud of that? Would Michael? She wondered if she'd made them proud in her last moments alive on camera.

At the very least, she was proud of herself. She was never in the system. She was never Girl-Number-Seventy-Four.

She was always Brianna Battaglia.

G074 Brianna Battaglia - Eliminated
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-Credit goes to the lovely and talented Payouni of DeviantArt
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