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A bed? A kitchen? Things got even better.

She doubted that a stove would work, but maybe it wasn't electric, and perhaps the gas would still somehow heat up. That was a hope, though. In any case. things appeared to be looking up for once. A bed, pen and paper, somewhere indoors, what else would be good? Well, food would be a further step up, actually, but she doubted that if there was food in there, it wouldn't be as good. It would have likely gone bad. But she was sure food wasn't as much of an issue, at least not right now. It steadily disappeared, but maybe later they could go looking again for it.

Sure, it wasn't Disneyland. It was far from Disneyland. But for one moment since she first woke up at the aviary and met with Stephanie and Ilya, things seemed to get better. Ilya wasn't coming back, nor was Mike, or Dave. They never were. She still didn't know what happened to Baxter. There were still many people out there, people she knew from before. There were still people who also would benefit from their deaths. Her hearing aids weren't going to just appear on her ears on a whim. But Lana had a feeling that things had improved, that they were going to only improve a bit more. Something could still happen that wasn't all that good. Could? It was inevitable. But just this once, there were things to smile about.

"Agreed", she wrote back.

She doubted they were going to be rescued. Only a miracle would have that happen. But she had Stephanie, and Stephanie had her. She was feeling lucky today, and Stephanie probably was too. How long it would last, she didn't know. But she knew it would be great if it were to last a while longer. They had been friends for most of their lives, and she didn't know what she'd do if Stephanie were to die first.

How long would their good fortune last? She didn't know. For that matter, how long until their time was up? To be honest, while the thoughts came up in her mind, it wasn't something she tried to dwell on too much right now.

It was the first time in a while Lana felt happy, and she didn't want that to be taken away from her. It was all she wanted. Sometimes she had thought about playing, but she didn't want to give in. It had started to look increasingly appealing, but not anymore.

It was strange how just finding a place to sleep and some writing supplies made her hope. But there it was, just a bit.

She could only hope it continued to be this way for at least

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