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"There's a kitchen and a bedroom, probably a bathroom attached in there. Looks like this place was meant for one person." Stephanie wrote down, tapping the pen against the page as she thought.

She couldn't stop herself from smiling. After everything that had happened in the last few days, all the death and the hate and the rain and lord knows what else, someone somewhere decided to give them a break. They found a place out of the elements, and out of the way. Sure, she didn't doubt that people would try and find shelter like they did, but this building alone probably had a good hundred or so apartments, and it wasn't exactly the only building in the area. They would be alright here, as long as they didn't make any unnecessary noise or use any unnecessary light. Between the two of them they could probably move the couch against the door, and since they were on the first floor they could always escape out a window or something if it came down to it.

Once they had everything settled, they could figure out what to do. Both of them were known quantities, and no doubt had people out to get them. Staying off the radar for a day or so might help, plus with their new communication tool they would be able to better plot out their course of action. Ideally they would be able to avoid any confrontation at all costs, but the chances of that were slim at best. Which meant they would have to be ready to protect themselves and each other. Stephanie was ready to do whatever it took. She just hoped Lana would be the same.

"We should be safe here for at least a day or two, I say we should stay."
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