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Stephanie thought that it was much better than outside, and Lana agreed. There was a weird smell to the room, from what she could tell from where she stood in the hallway, but not too terrible. The sofa probably wasn't too unbearable to sleep on, and there was most likely a bed. The thoughts of something soft to sleep on cheered Lana up further. The television obviously wasn't going to work, but at least there was a roof over their heads and someplace comfortable to sleep. She could live without television for a while longer, anyways.

After handing the pen and paper back to her, Stephanie stepped into the room a bit more, looking deeper into it. Lana, however, found herself staying in the hallway. It seemed doubtful that someone would be waiting for them inside the room, but she wanted to hear what Stephanie said about it.

Maybe she should step inside, though, see everything for herself. Probably the better option, but Lana found herself wanting to stay in the hallway a bit longer. It couldn't hurt too much, in her opinion.

A quick time later, she came back. Lana had been writing again, and handed it back to her.

From what I can tell, it seems like a major improvement from where we've slept before. A little weird smelling and disused, but we'll be fine. How are the other rooms? There's most likely a bedroom or two.

Lana was sure it would be a fine place to sleep. Just a little odd, nothing really all that dangerous or unpleasant, especially in comparison to what they had dealt with before.

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