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The loud creak of the door caught Stephanie's attention. She turned around to see Lana smiling, one of the doors flung open. Stephanie sigh, happy that she was able to find something in here. Even if they didn't end up staying here, the fact that the doors could be opened was a good sign. Walking to the door, she took a few tentative steps in, leaving Lana in the hallway as she looked around. It wasn't much to look at, and everything was practically falling apart from disuse, but it was honest to goodness civilization in that room. There might be some danger with mold or vermin or something, but realistically with the amount of time they had left she doubted that would end up being what killed them in the end.

She took the pen and paper from Lana, and began writing. "It's not home, but it's better than the outside. I think we could afford a day or two in here. Figure out what to do next." She handed the materials back to Lana before looking in the room a bit more.

The living room itself wasn't too bad. They had enough stuff that they could use to barricade the door, assuming anyone else thought to try the doors seeing how rusted they were. She doubted there was anything in the kitchen, and the small bedroom shooting off of the living room had a decent sized bed, large enough for the two to comfortably share. Everything seemed to be going their way. She returned to the doorway, waiting to see if Lana had anything else to say about the place.
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