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Locked? That was unusual. It seemed as if the people who lived here before were in a rush. Lana shuddered to think of what could be hiding behind that door, then. The papers on the street spoke of an evacuation, as if something happened. What if people had decided to lock themselves in before, and once they opened they would see... what was left? That was a morbid thought. As if the bodies of their classmates weren't bad enough. Hopefully the knobs and hinges were just rusted shut or something like that. The other option wasn't all that good.

Lana smiled at the second note from Stephanie. She agreed, the pen and paper were definitely a boon. It was highly fortunate to find both in a short period of time. It was really honestly what she had hoped for, that they didn't clear out all the paper and writing utensils. It would have been impossible for them to.

Stephanie motioned that she was going down the hallway, and Lana nodded. Maybe she could help with that?

Lana walked over to the entrance, picking up her bag from where she left it, just in case. And slowly, she made her way down the hallway. As she fumbled with the doors, she couldn't help but notice the other option was true: at least part of the doors were rusted shut. Even if Lana were one of the stronger students, she couldn't pull the hinges open. It didn't help that there were a few flies hovering in the air, but she couldn't figure out where they were coming from.

Eventually, though, the knob to one door turned. Not easily, and Lana had to put a bit more strength into it. But like a magic word, the door opened with a loud creak, revealing a living room. From what she could tell, there was a ratted sofa, a coffee table, and what appeared to be a likely outdated television.

Lana smiled again.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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