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"The doors I tried were locked, but maybe we'll find one that isn't. Couldn't hurt trying." Stephanie wrote on the paper before looking around.

There was a couple hallways on either side, with a number of doors. Surely at least one of them would be unlocked? If they could get into one of the rooms the place would be low key enough for them to hide out for at least a little while. There was enough buildings and rooms around here that the chances of someone finding their specific room seemed rather slim. It's not like they had much to lose right now in checking.

Turning back to the pad, Stephanie began writing again. "At least we have an easier way to communicate now : )"

Putting the pen down, she motioned that she was going to go down the hallway, to see if she could find an open door. Hopefully one of them would open, though she had a feeling that it wouldn't be so easy. Either way, she wanted to try before writing off this particular building right away.
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