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((Stacy Ramsey continued from The Best Part Of Waking Up))

Stacy was glad to be finally out of the school. Not long after Michael and Tim left, Miles and Stacy discovered the body of their friend, Francis. Seeing his body in person was even worse than hearing about it on the announcement. Stacy wanted to remember her friends as how they were before they were dumped on this island, fit and healthy with smiles on their faces, but it seemed that wouldn't be the case. Now whenever she’d think of Francis, she’d always picture his contorted body at the foot of the stairs inside that run-down school.

After the ordeal of finding Francis, the group came to a mutual decision to leave the school. Tim and Michael had never returned with Corey which was also a factor which brought them to the verdict that they should leave. The three of them decided that if the other half of their group weren't going to come back, they’d have to go out and find them.

When the morning announcement came on, Stacy was lucky enough not to have any of her friend’s names called out on the death list. This made a change, as by this point about half of her friends had been killed off. What did surprise her was that another one of her friends, Travis Webster, was on the announcement for killing someone. She hoped that the kill was a result of self defence and Travis hadn't turned into a brutal murderer. Although, this was probably wishful thinking, because the person he killed was Matt Masters and Matt definitely was not the type of person who would go around attacking people. Stacy didn't know Matt that well, but she knew enough about him due to the fact he was going out with her friend from cheerleading, Cassidy Kant. She could only imagine how Cassidy must be feeling right now.

Their search for the rest of their group brought them to a set of rather expensive looking houses. Miles was exhausted after their journey from the school so they decided to leave him in one of the houses to rest. He probably felt right at home in the house, it was pretty similar to the house he actually lived in if you didn't take into account all the dust and destruction in the house he was currently resting in.

As a result of the worn out Miles, Stacy and Rachael were left to search for Michael, Tim and Corey on their own. After searching several of the houses around where Miles was, the two of them decided to look in the two mansions further up the street. Stacy felt very cautious while investigating the houses, however, her shotgun she was carrying around with her gave her a slight boost of confidence. It was more than likely one of the better weapons on the island and she doubted anyone with a melee weapon would want to attack them when she could easily gun them down before they reached her. Of course Stacy didn't want to have to do this, but if it came down to a life or death situation she would definitely pull the trigger. She only really had to worry about anyone else who had a gun.

After their failed attempt of finding anyone in the first mansion, Rachael asked if they could go back to Miles once they had finished looking through the second. They had been away from Miles a long time now so it was probably for the best if they went back.

“Yeah, sure.” Stacy replied with a smile.

Stacy led the way out of the first mansion and made her way over to the second grand house. As she approached the second mansion, she made her way inside and held the door open for Rachael. Once they were both inside, Stacy scrunched up her nose in distaste to the new surroundings. She much preferred the other mansion to this one; she wasn't very fond of the dozens of animal heads dotted across the walls and the animal skin rugs.

The two of them began to walk down one of the corridors when Stacy heard the sound of muffled voices. She stopped in her tracks and gripped onto Rachael’s arm to halt her. From what she could make out, the voices sounded quite feminine which meant they couldn't have belonged to Tim, Cory or Michael. Looking down at the dust covered wooden floorboards, Stacy noticed the faint outline of footprints leading into one of rooms further down the hall. In response, Stacy leant in close to Rachael and whispered as quietly as she could in Rachael’s ear.

“There’s someone else in here. Down there.” Stacy said whilst pointing down the end of the hallway.

There wasn't much use whispering, the sound the door made when they first entered the mansion probably alerted the other people of their presence. Stacy just hoped that whoever it was in that room wasn't someone who’d been read out on one of the announcements.
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