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((Kat Tolstoff continued from Waking Up To Ash and Dust))

Kat hated rain.

It wasn't the fact that she wasn't used to it, though that probably made it worse. It was the cold, disgusting feeling she got from it that sucked so hard. At least they were inside the biggest house they could find - although the taste of the previous residents left something to be desired, combined with the lack of care given since whenever it had been abandoned and the still-persistent chill meant that it was just barely better than being outside.

There was also the matter of the announcement - Mara had won a weapon as well as pizza for a kill. The pizza sparked a hint of jealousy in Kat - food that wasn't the crackers, water, or energy bars they had given her. Other than that Mike Eastmund had killed someone, and Cody had subsequently pizzaedkilled him.

"Do you want some? They're not particularly tasty, but it's... uh... it does the trick." Miranda had some sort of bar in her hands. Kat was about to say no, but her stomach decided to channel a lion during mating season. Kat simply smiled, nodded and took the bar.

"Thanks." She bit down on it, chewed, chewed

Okay, if she wasn't in the middle of nowhere looking for a conveniently private hole in the ground to crap in, she would have spit the damn thing out and washed her mouth off. Here, though, she swallowed, and finished it off. It was crap, but it was … "healthy" crap.
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