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Brianna explained who her brother was and what Chris had done to him. It wasn't something Chris was proud of looking back and now that he'd had time to reassess everything on the island he had come to regret a lot of his actions back at Aurora. Not that it justified them or made them any better, but he had come to realise how badly he had been treating everyone for no reason. That was why everything that Brianna was saying was like hearing everything he had already told himself again.

Hearing it from another person hurt though and Brianna was laying it on thick. Chris just stood there dumbfounded. He had no idea what had brought any of it on. She stopped after saying she hated him.


Chris had no idea what to say. It was unexpected and hurtful. Maybe Brianna realised that because she immediately apologised to him and thanked him for everything he'd done. Chris just stood there feeling awkward and confused. She'd changed so quickly from talking about how much she had hated to apologising to thanking him and then to crying.

In the end Chris did the only thing he could think of that made sense.

He pulled Brianna into a tight hug.

"I...I'm sorry...For what I did to your brother. I'm sorry about everything..." He didn't have anything else to say. So he just stood there hugging the crying girl for what seemed like an age. Eventually he released her.

"I'm going to head off back to sleep...you look...I think you...need some time alone."

Chris gave Brianna a small smile and pulled her for an embrace with one arm before turning and heading off back the way he had come through the hospital. What Brianna had said had made him feel terrible. When he got back to the room he had been sleeping in he leaned against the wall with his arms and hung his head. He'd made his bed with his actions at Aurora and he would have to work against the perception he had built up every time he met someone. He sighed and wiped his eyes.

Turning off the flashlight he settled himself down for what was sure to be an unpleasant rest.
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