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Of course Chris hadn't remembered him at all. Bullies don't remember what they say, but remember the high they get from tormenting. There were plenty of Michael Battaglia's in Chris Harlin's life. What made her brother special to him?

"Yeah." Brianna kept hesitating.

"In sophomore year, Mike accidentally bumped into you. It was an accident really. But you lashed out at him. You called him such hurtful, mean things." Briefly pausing to let out a sigh, Brianna continued. "He was so miserable that year. And you know what? I hated you for it. I hadn't known you more than those words, and yet I hated you to the bone." I wished you were dead.

Brianna peered up to the camera. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that eventually someone would see her last days. Dad. Mom. Michael? What were they going to think about when that did happen too? What was Brianna doing with someone who'd made her brother cry late into the night? Someone who'd made Michael's stomach churn in deeply rooted anxieties? Someone who'd contributed to making every day a day that should have been spent in bed instead? How could she trust someone like that with her life?

"Sorry. I didn't mean to come off like such a bitch." Brianna tried to rope back the causticity of her words. "I just wanted to apologize to you, Chris. You kept me hopeful this whole time. You gave me a weapon to defend myself with. You held my hand when it all got so real. You're not who you were in high school, Chris. You're a good person. I just wish it didn't take this for me to realize that."

A rogue tear escaped from Brianna's waterline, traveling down the apple of her cheek. Left unchecked, the tear streaked down to her lower lip; the bitter saltiness alerted her to the whimpering mess she devolved into.

"I miss him so much, Chris. He's going to do so much with his life after this." Her pocket rattled in response to her shaking grip. "And I'm never going to see it."
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-Credit goes to the lovely and talented Payouni of DeviantArt
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