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Stephanie seemed to be at a loss as well. All of them seemed good and yet not so good. Really, each had its benefits and setbacks, which was the problem. They had enough pen and paper for the time being, and the lobby was more than a little open. Maybe deeper into the apartments, or another building, that was safer. They hadn't checked the state of the rooms yet. She imagined they smelled musty, like unwashed sheets. It would be far from the best place to sleep, but honestly it was a step up from... pretty much everywhere they had slept since they woke up on the island.

A bed. That would be nice.

Lana bit her lip, thinking some more. As she took the pen back from Stephanie, she thought a bit more about what she wanted to do.

"Sleeping in a bed would be nice. Did you see anything in the hallways that would be a nice place to spend the night? Rooms and such? Beds would be just as much an improvement."

What else could she say? She thought of something else to write down.

"If we don't pick this building, there are others that might be good. But we might need to take a further look."

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