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Stephanie read the options, mulling them over in her own mind. None of the options seemed particularly appealing, since any of them could lead into unfavourable positions. They had a pad of paper and a pen, so there didn't seem to be much reason to keep looking, though how long the pen would last was anyone's guess. Even so, the lobby was rather open which didn't sit well with her. Leaving this place and trying to find somewhere else meant that they would be on the move again, something that she was beginning to get used to at this point. As grim as it was, but Stephanie actually felt like she was kind of starting to get in shape with all the walking she'd had to do. Staying was also a somewhat favourable option, so long as they could find an apartment door that wasn't locked.

Finally, she took the pen and started writing. "Any of those options seems like a good one." Pausing for a moment, she tried to figure out how to put what she was going to say next into words. "I think we have enough paper and a pen for now, so I'm not sure staying here would be the best move. At least we're inside."

Placing the pen down on the desk, she stood. Looking back down the hallway she had been inspecting. She'd only managed to try a couple doors but they had been locked or jammed through misuse or something. Lana was much stronger than her, so maybe she could force one of the doors open. Before Lana could respond to what she had written, Stephanie grabbed the pen again and began writing a quick note.

"It'd be nice to sleep in a bed again at the very least."
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