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((Miranda Millers continued from Waking Up To Ash and Dust))

Yesterday had been a bit of a pain.

It wasn't just the little trick that the terrorists pulled on them. It wasn't just them having to leave the offices. It wasn't just her head feeling like a drill was slowly piercing the side of her skull. It was all that, and the fact that it had decided to rain later that day. Miranda brushed a bit of mud off her clothes. It hadn't been that bad, and living in Seattle had made her used to rain. And frankly.... she had dealt with worse.

Finding a bit of shelter for the evening had been quite a chore, however. The rain eventually stopped for the time being, though there was a good chance that there would be another go. Needless to say, the second the town stopped being a dangerzone it didn't take long for them to make their way into town.

Miranda had realized that it was the same town where she had seen Mara, Veronica, and Mike. It still looked like something after the apocalypse, even more so in fact. The northern part, though, looked a bit more cleaned up. It must have been where the richer people lived, based on the size of the houses. In fact, the house they were in was pretty much a mansion.

If she were to describe it, it would be something between "Ace Ventura's nightmare", "metaphor for current situation", and "kind of creepy". Animal trophies still hung on the wall, but they clearly hadn't been well cared for, as the skin had peeled back revealing bone. Whoever lived here really had a fascination with hunting. Well, that fascination wasn't helping either of them now.

Miranda leaned back into the back of the sofa she was sitting on, still feeling a bit nauseous. Her head had improved a bit since yesterday. Of course, an ache still remained, but sometimes she felt more like throwing up or sleeping rather than doing anything else. Well, that was another plus to finding somewhere indoors: it made it easier for her and Kat to rest a bit. The office was... okay, she guessed. It was good for that one night, and was much better than outside. But the lodge, as creepy as it was, was better in that regard. No one else seemed to had hid out here, but then again, you never know.

The only real problem, aside from the creepiness, was that it was cold. There was a fireplace, with a big creepy deer head watching over it, but she wasn't sure if it would still work. The sofa was a bit warmer against her skin, even if it had a musty smell. It wasn't an unbearable cold, but it was uncomfortable.

Her spear had been leaned against the armrest of the sofa, still waiting patiently.

Mara had killed again, this time Ray Gilbert. What's more, she won something. Pizza sounded good, just like cheeseburgers, or donuts, or ice cream and sausages. There was a lot of food going around that prior to the island, she would have avoided due to how awful for your body to eat. Now though, she would give her right pinkie for any of that. Even just a bite she would do it.

Miranda slid forward, picking up her bag by the straps. What she had, though, were the extra bars from Kaitlyn. And those... didn't taste very good, from the few bites she had. Sure, they were filling. But they tasted like the bizarre mixture of a shortbread cookie and a piece of cardboard. Very sweet, though with an odd texture. They were far from the most appetizing thing ever. At least they did the job, though, and weren't that bad. The label said "Datrex", and it noted that it had a decent amount of calories attached for just a quick bite. Not the best, but not the worst, in her opinion.

Unzipping it and pulling one out, she paused. Miranda looked at Kat.

"Do you want some?" she asked. "They're not particularly tasty, but it's... uh... it does the trick."

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