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Within a few seconds, Stephanie had come back, a smile on her face after seeing the pen in her hand. It was really a lucky break that they had found these supplies.

Once Lana had shown her the paper, she giggled a bit at what had been written down, and started writing back. When she had the notebook and pen again, she read the response.

A pause. What could they do? She didn't feel like sticking around in the apartments that much. There might still be a bit of extra food laying around, but would any of it last for that long out in the open? Lana doubted it. There could possibly be other supplies that could be good. Extra pens, more paper, maybe something that could be used as an extra weapon. However, Lana still was a little creeped out by this place. It was exactly the sort of place where people got shot, in her opinion. Well, not in apartment front lobbies normally, but you never know, especially on an island filled with killers.. On the other hand, it was a little better to be indoors for the first time since... what? The hotel? Yeah, that was probably it.

Really, there were a lot of advantages to staying inside, come to think of it. It could rain again, for example. While things seemed to have cleared up a bit, there still seemed to be another chance of rain. If it did, at least there would be a way to stay out of the weather. Looking for shelter before it rained yesterday hadn't exactly been pleasant.

Lana thought for a few seconds, and began writing.

"The way I see it, there are several options. Option A would be to keep looking since there is possibly something else in here that we might need. Option B is to head on out of the buiilding and find someplace to lay low. Option C, we stay in here and hope no one finds us. Ideas?"

To be honest, she was tapped out of ideas herself, and those were the only ones that came to mind.

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