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Chris relaxed once Brianna dropped the flashlight out of his eyes. He blinked a few times as his eyes readjusted to the darkness of the hospital. Good thing it was Brianna, any other people he met could have reacted in a much deadlier way when surprised like that. He'd gotten lucky with the fact that they still seemed to be the only people on their floor of the hospital.

"No it isn't." Chris agreed. It had been a bad idea to go for a walk since he'd just become more tense but then again the same thing would have happened if he'd have stayed where he was. Neither option was a good one but he'd been left with no choice but to pick one because sleep wasn't going to return.

The hospital itself was a creepy and depressing place that reminded Chris more of a horror movie set than an actual hospital. Maybe that was because of how empty it was especially considering a lot of things had been left relatively untouched. It was as if everyone had just up and left. The fact he'd seen a nuclear power station labelled on the map only strengthened his feeling that something terrible had happened and everyone who had lived on the island had been forced to leave. No time to pack or say good-bye to anyone who was stuck in a hospital bed. It was heart-breaking.

"Michael...your brother?" Chris guessed it was Brianna brother based off the surname but it was probably best to check. "Ummm can't really say I do remember him that well, sorry."

What more could he say?
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