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They see me walking, they hating
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Stephanie Chan continued from The Sound a Sloth Makes ))

In some ways, it was nice to be back inside. Ever since leaving the hotel, the two had spent most of it outside. Stephanie was never one for the outdoors. As soon as the announcements came on, informing them of the new danger zones, they were able to head back into civilization. They had a goal, one that they had partially succeeded in. Walking through the streets, she couldn't help but smile whenever she saw the pad of paper they had found. She remembered having something very similar back when she was five or six. Now they just needed something to write with.

The apartment building they were in was definitely in rough shape, but it was still a sight for sore eyes. Upon entering, they found themselves in the front lobby, and Lana immediately went to see if she could find any pens. Stephanie decided to wander down the adjacent hallway a bit, seeing if any of the doors would open. The first one she tried was locked, as was the second. Just as she got to the third one, she heard Lana call for her. It had been awhile since she had heard her friend sound so happy, so she could only assume that she had found a pen.

Walking down the hallway back to the lobby, She smiled again as she saw Lana, pen in hand. Stephanie walked next to her friend, looking at what she had written on the notepad. She had to suppress a small giggle as she took the pen from Lana's hand and scribbled something down on the paper.

" Beggars can't be choosers." She looked around momentarily before she began writing again. "So what do we do now?"
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