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Can you hear me?
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((Lana Torres continued from The Sound a Sloth Makes))

The weather had cleared up since yesterday. Not by much, but enough where it didn't look as dreary as before. Ever since this morning, the sun had peeked out a bit, making things a little brighter. It was definitely a step-up from yesterday. As Lana looked out the window of the store she was in, she felt a little better than she was before. Not by much, of course, but something much more pleasant. If she had to guess, it was afternoon now, and hopefully the weather would still be that good until nighttime.

But they had to keep looking. There had to be something inside these buildings.

They had found themselves inside some kind of town again. This time, though, it looked run-down. Well, a lot more run-down than when they last visited a set of buildings. Lana had seen a fair amount of buildings that seriously needed upkeep before, but not to this level. The streets had been littered with strips of paper, and cars had been permanently parked and broken down alongside the roads. The streetlights weren't better, either, with the shattered glass that remained of bulbs. They had decided to look inside the stores to see if anything was there. So far, they hadn't found much, but it was worth a shot. As much a shot as the fish were, at least.

Lana gently gripped the notebook they had found. No pen, unfortunately, but it was a step up. It had been laying inside one of the shops, inside a drawer in the front desk, and while it was a little water-logged and warped, it seemed to still be feasible. If anything, it seemed to be embarrassingly girly. The pages were a faded pink, and on the hard cover a pegasus was in mid-flight. Lana had found herself recalling the notebooks and stationary girls used to have when she went to elementary, with their vibrant colors and rainbow animals. It was something she would normally not be caught dead with unless it were something like the current My Little Pony, but it would do for the time being.

If anything, it was an improvement. Lana had thought multiple times how she would have liked to have some pen and paper. Sometimes it was hard for her and Stephanie to talk, since the terrorists had taken her hearing aids. Words couldn't describe the relief she had when she had found it, girlish appearance and all. The only real problem was obvious: finding a pen or something similar.

They searched through the shops a bit more, and eventually stumbled on what appeared to be a set of apartments. She had been hesitant to go in, but it was at least a look. The graffiti on the walls didn't comfort her much, nor did the cement walls. But eventually, she couldn't help it. They had to go inside. Just a quick look, and they'll go. She didn't like how the outsides looked, but just a peek at them wouldn't hurt.

The two of them were currently now in some kind of reception area, probably where the landlords and such worked. There had to be an answer to the pen question in there, make no mistake about that. Lana found herself pulling at drawers again, looking for something to write with. So far, though, no luck.

Light from the entrance still beamed in, giving them plenty of light to work with. The sounds of them moving around objects filled the air. It was close to impossible for the terrorists to-

Just as she opened that one bottom drawer, she saw a long thin black object. It was very unmistakable, but Lana had to pick it up to be absolutely certain.

A pen.

She placed the notebook on the desk, eyes filled with hope. It had to be tested, to see if it would actually work. Her hands flipped open to the nearest blank page. With the pen, she swiftly shook it and drew a scribbling motion on the page. Lana felt further relief. The pen took only a moment to work.

She decided to write something down for Stephanie to say something to her.

"It's not Rainbow Dash, but it'll do", she wrote.

After lifting the notebook and pen, Lana looked up, and said aloud "Steph?"

It was a little louder than what she intended. But she didn't care. Really, she was smiling right now. At least things were looking up for now. They hadn't found food or such, but they found something to write with. That was a pretty good improvement, all things considered.

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