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((Christopher Harlin continued from Pianificazione.))

The hospital just worsened Chris's feelings of apprehension. As he swept his flashlight over the abandoned room’s shivers ran over his body. Hospitals were depressing places at the best of times and having to walk around an abandoned one at night just added another layer to his stress. It was creepy; the bodies only compounded the edge the place had. If any of his classmates had been looking for sanctuary they hadn't found any in the hospital.

Luckily for the group whoever else had been involved in the deaths had moved on, letting them explore more of the hospital. Chris had quickly regretted the choice. There was nothing positive to be found just more negative feelings. If anything Chris wanted to go and hide in one of the offices, just to escape from everything for as long as he could. That wasn't an option however, he had an obligation to the group and he was going to pull his weight.

The metallic smell of blood made the hairs on his arms stand on end as he move through the hospital, there was death everywhere. No matter where they went they always found it, or it found them.

Chris was snapped out of his thoughts when a flashlight shone in his face. He tensed instinctively but luckily it was just Brianna.

"Sorry. I got restless and decided to go for a walk. I'm wishing I didn't though, there wasn't anything pleasant to see."
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