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((G074- Brianna Battaglia continued from Pianificazione))

Just being in the Urgent Care Ward made the hairs on Brianna's nape spike. Dried blood slowly flaked off the surgical tables; the surgical scalpels were caked in congealed blood. It was a truly nauseating sight. Out of instinct, Brianna tried to turn the nozzle on the side of the table in order to drain out the blood. Of course the terrorists had turned off the water flow to this room, leaving Brianna with the pulpy, wretched mess of browned blood.

Brianna recognized the sight of blood all too well these days. The blood leading into the second floor begged the group to follow it's red stained trail. Three people, three students that Brianna only knew in passing were laid about the grounds. The suggestion of sure death had been all around that group. Brianna wasn't naive enough to think that nobody was dying around them, but last afternoon marked the first time they'd actually seen the aftermath with their own eyes. Brianna had tried to fight against the anguished tears that stubbornly tried to mar her mascara, but it was a losing battle.

There's so much blood.

In similar regards to that afternoon, this room was equally marked by pain and anguish. The only real difference here was that the blood shed here was being treated. The blood upstairs was intentionally drawn. All the pain for a chance at surviving under their terms. Brianna decided after she’d grieved that she’d never lose herself. The people responsible for the massacre upstairs – they'd lost themselves to the fear. They felt no other option existed, other than to surrender their humanity and play like their captors demanded of them. Brianna mourned for their losses too.

"There's a better way." Brianna thought. "They just don't realize it."

Brianna scanned around the room with her flashlight, making note of the chaos around the surgical room. Whatever sterility had protected the wounded and dying earlier was broken when the terrorists ripped the practicing surgeons out of the room. Brianna still felt like she wasn't supposed to be in the operating room, though. However, she'd needed to walk around the floor and scan for whatever tools they could use.

She'd spent an indiscernible amount of time wandering these halls on her watch. She couldn't stay still in one of the offices, closing her eyes and sleeping while, undoubtedly, people were dying. She'd let the boys sleep after a long, arduous day of travel, but now she regretted the offer of company during her shift. Being alone didn't give Brianna and peace of mind; in fact, quite the opposite. It let the anxieties well up inside of her, clenching down on her lungs.

Thankfully, though, she wouldn't be left alone for too much longer. As Brianna rounded the corner, a familiar, friendly face, greeted her. A bit too suddenly, especially after she'd been subjected to a room full of decaying blood, but a welcomed amount of company nonetheless.

"Ah. You scared me." Brianna apologized for her adverse reaction. "Everything's so full of death these days, I'm still surprised by what's alive."
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-Credit goes to the lovely and talented Payouni of DeviantArt
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