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Summer remained on her hands and knees, her eyes clenched so tightly that it hurt as she tried to steady her stomach, a string of spit hanging from her mouth dancing with every heavy breath before eventually joining the pile of gore between her hands. She stayed that way for far too long, her arms shaking from the weight of her body as everything played back in her head, each detail painfully vivid, which only served to turn her stomach more and causing another fit of dry heaving. It was for the best. She wanted everything out, expel everything from inside of her and start fresh.

In the back of her head, she knew she'd loitered too long, overstayed her welcome. It wouldn't be long until someone interrupted her alone time. She didn't have the strength to move though, her trembling legs unable to support her. And sure enough, the cavalry came calling.

Aileen screamed at her, her sunglasses hitting Summer's head with a dull thud.

She didn't feel it, though, not past the adrenaline. Her eyes darted to the figure at the other end of the hall, eyes barely visible past the loose strands of wet hair hanging in front of her face.

It was like a switch flipped.

She forgot about everything that wasn't self-preservation, quickly scrambling to her bag and unzipping it with fervor and diving her hand into its contents. It was hard to breath, her breaths coming out shallow and pained as she frantically dug through the contents, each second bringing Aileen closer. She knew. She had to know what Summer did. She'd tell everyone and they'd all hate her. They wouldn't understand that she had to do it. They'd call her a monster and hate her.

She wrapped her shaking hand around the single grenade, the rough surface feeling alien in her once manicured hand. Her eyes darted back to the end of the hallway, fully expecting to see Aileen rushing at her, ready to pull the pin and bolt.

But she was gone.

Summer didn't wait for her heartrate to fall or for the nausea to subside, instead grabbing her bag and shakily getting to her feet before bolting in the opposite direction, fully convinced Aileen would be back with friends.

Summer didn't look back at Naomi or the scene she'd created, nor to the cameras mounting the wall that whirled violently to catch her retreating form.

She didn't want to acknowledge or relive it.

It happened and there was no changing it.

She just hoped it was worth it.

** Summer Simms, female no. 21, continued in... Eat Me

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