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Hi, my name is Scipher and I'm an alcoholic who will most likely hit on you if you are a female above the age of 18.

I'm a mod, been here since V2. All of my characters except for one have been based on my friends at the start of their journeys. What happens to them along the way, well, they may stray from their RL counterparts.

CAPSLOCK ON CRUISE IS LIKE BARRENS CHAT - I think like 3 people will get that reference

I am of the opinion that I love the fact we are getting an assload of new members, but I am also of the opinion that TV Tropes is stupid, and I hate it when people use Trope terminology in posts, chats, real life conversation.

Anyways, welcome all, and if you have any questions...ask Crash and leave me alone on my porch with my shotgun and jug of whiskey
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