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Oh- and one more thing: James shows an excellent way not to post. If you're new, make sure to read the rules, as well as the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). After that, I'd check out the Announcements subforum, and if you're looking for a great way to spend some time, read Version 1, Version 2, and Version 3 of SotF! (Survival Of The Fittest) It's excellent writing, if I do say so myself, and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Oh, and just a little preemptive 'Welcome!' to all, because, as I said above, I'm lazy. :P

And Yoss- well, you stole my 'Happy Birthday SotF Help' thread idea, so now we're even :P

EDIT: Oh, and I got so caught up in the other stuff I forgot to say the other thing that was wrong about James' post. Do not type in all Caps Lock. Ever. It's not a good thing. And now that that's been said, I hope you enjoy SotF!
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