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The girl who dreams on the back of a giant space turtle.
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So I got a really good scanner the other day and I can actually share the stuff that I draw now. Even though my drawing isn't that good...

So uh... I can draw people's V5 characters. If you want...

To give people an idea of how I draw:

thar be a tortle

I drew myself in my usual frumpy clothes

So yeah that's a thing. If anyone wants me to draw their characters go ahead and post and stuff. I'll take five people at a time if anyone's actually interested.

oh god so nervous

1. Mephistopheles's Aurora Abdallah
2. Espi's Gwen O'Connor
3. DocBalance's Gabriel Munez
4. SansaSaver's Marcus Redder
5. NotAFlyingToy's Hansel Willaims

Ignore that it took me forever to remember to edit the queue.
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