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Kammy just needed time. To think of something to say to her, to think of a way to shout Alex down, make this right, diffuse it all.

The sound of the gunshots seemed to reverberate around the room for an eternity, ringing in her ears. Her vision was obscured, constantly blinking involuntarily and christ, the pain shooting through her head... yet all of those things seemed to just fade into the background. Kammy had fired - jesus fuck why had she fired?

Someone was yelling behind the buzzing in her ears. Kam straightened up, struggling to get her hand underneath her to lever herself into a sitting position. Alex had knocked her down hard, and she was dizzy, her balance thrown completely. The shouting... was it Alex? Carlon? It seemed like a girl's voice but-

Looking just confirmed what Kam had already known the moment she'd pulled the trigger, and then so much worse.

Carlon was on the ground, unmoving. Alex was down too, Cammy hunched over her body- form, hunched over her form because body meant she was definitely dead and Kam didn't KNOW that she was definitely dead.

Cause if she clung to that then maybe, just maybe, that faint glimmer of hope would come true, reveal that Alex - and Carlon - had just gone down out of surprise and shock, or just been grazed, and Kammy wouldn't have to admit that all she'd thought of when holding that gun out was to stop Alex swinging, stop her hurting her in any way she could.

Including lethally.

Kammy got to an unsteady knee, then gained her feet, swayed a moment, but stayed up. She could feel the stream of blood all the way down the side of her face... dripping from her jaw. A look from this angle told her everything she needed to know, condemned her. Kam had actually truly done it. They were both dead.

Other Cammy was soon leaping up, yelling at her, accusations, demands. The gun was still in Kam's hand, but down, loose, not wanting to hold it, not wanting to let it go.

"I just- she hit me and I panicked, all right!? I didn't mean to- I wasn't trying to kill anyone- it just- I had no time to react! What was I supposed to do, let her cave in my head!?"
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