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[Originally posted by Randomness]

((Stephanie Wright continued from Fluffytown))

Stephanie didn't know how long she had run.

It had been far longer than she had expected. It was supposed to be a mile. Maybe a bit longer. But with Mallory on her back, it had seemed like so much more.

But she was almost there now, standing right outside the building, taking a few seconds to catch her breath. The bandage on Mallory's leg was soaked, and Stephanie was sure that her skirt must be covered in blood.

It was only now that Stephanie realised Mallory wasn't breathing anymore. How long had she not been breathing? Stephanie hadn't thought to check before she left. She felt like a right fool. It might have been too late even before she had started.

But she took the last few steps towards the hospital right in front of her anyway.

That was when the gunshots went off.

Stephanie stood at the door for a moment. Obviously it wasn't just someone firing a warning shot. She was tired, the world was spinning, her friend was dying or dead and now there was a psycho with a gun in the hospital. Another gun nut. She wasn't going to stand for this.

She flung the doors open, attempting for dramatic, but couldn't quite manage it with Mallory on her back. She was about to shout. Try to tell them to stop. But she recognised the person standing before her.

"Kam? What's- What are you doing?"

Kammy was holding a gun. And she was pointing it at another girl. And the other girl was pointing a crossbow back.

It was far too late that Stephanie realised that she had chosen the wrong party to crash.
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