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[Originally posted by KamiKaze]

She heard someone calling her name.

Through the flickering dimness, Alex saw a figure rush towards her. As she squinted her eyes and the figure knelt down, she saw it was Cammy, the other one. Again, she wanted to say something, but she couldn't. Her mouth formed silent, shapeless words, but nothing coherent. With what seemed to be what strength she had left she turned her head towards her.

Cammy was now pressing her hands against the wound, continuing to say her name. Say? No, yell. It was very faint, but she could hear her.

And this was going to be her last moments.

Funny thing was, Alex always pictured it turning out much different. Before the island, Alex knew that law enforcement was an often dangerous job, and her worst case scenarios for her own death would be getting hurt on the job. Her best case scenario was living a long and happy life, and dying of old age. Heck, even here, before the first gunshot wound, she pictured herself dying heroically. But that was, of course, a daydream, or something she wanted, but was never going to get from the very beginning.

Really, she should have expected it to be the case from the very beginning. The first gunshot had given her a basic idea of that.

But she still wasn't ready.

She tried to keep her eyes open, her lungs breathing. It only helped a little bit. Breathing only got harder with each moment, while her vision continued to dim and blur. Everything felt cold. It was coming at any moment now, and yet it was still hard to accept. There were so many things she would never get to know. She would never see her baby brother grow up, she would never have a proper work, she would never truly be an adult, she would never have her eighteenth birthday, or...

Carlon wouldn't have that either. Because of her. No, because of Kam. Maybe because of both of them.

Did it matter?

Cammy, the one pressing her hands against her, had stopped. Alex saw her stand up, and very dimly she heard her shout at the other one. She had given up on her.

Alex felt herself slip farther and farther away. The pain had lessened majorly; even the wound on her leg had stopped hurting. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't prevent herself from going.

She could have done much better.

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