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[Originally posted by jimmydalad]

The sound of shots unceremoniously woke Cammy up as she jolted upwards. The harsh sound rung in her ears as she looked around. Her mouth dropped as she saw the body of Carlon, one of the two people she saw alive before she fell asleep, sprawled on the floor with blood leaking from his chest and leg. Did he just die? What was going on? Her mind was reeling from everything that happened. She looked towards Alex for an explanation, but it seemed like something was wrong with her as well.

"Alex...?" Cammy called out inquisitively, before she realized that Alex was dying as well. Immediately, Cammy stood up and ran towards her. What was she supposed to do? She had never had to deal with someone dying before her. On her time on the island, all she had encountered people who were wholly alive or dead. Now, Cammy looked flustered as she knelt over her dying classmate.

"Don't die on me Alex. You can't die on me Alex!" Cammy yelled, trying to find the wound. Once she found the bullet wound on the chest, she tried pushing hard on the wound to prevent the blood from coming out. However, all that served to do was get her hands covered with blood as she tried hard to push against the wound. She was panicking due to her lack of knowledge and inability to do anything. While she tried doing this for a moment, Cammy realized that it was hopeless. She had no experience. She couldn't do anything to stop the wound.

Looking around, she saw the sight of a familiar classmate. The other Kammy. The person she shared jokes with in school about their similar names. One of her classmates. One of her friends. Yet, there was a gun in her hand and judging from what she heard and the situation that they were in now, Cammy was able to put two and two together. Her eyes narrowed in rage as she withdrew her crossbow and aimed it at Kammy.

"Why did you do this Kammy?" She screamed, standing up and adjusting her aim so that it was pointed right at Kammy's chest. The killer was right there Cammy, all she needed to do was pull the trigger. However, right now, she wanted answers. She wanted them fast and she wanted them now.

"Answer me Kammy! Unless you want a hole through your chest, why did you shoot them?" Cammy continued to yell, her eyes piercing into Kammy's eyes. There were no more niceties that could be held on the island. Not with her killing her classmates. Not with the whole Travis debacle. Especially not with how students were falling towards suicide to get out of this game. It was far too late for that.
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