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[Originally posted by KamiKaze]

Just as Alex went for another blow, Carlon had grabbed her from behind, trying to stop her. Alex felt herself tangle and struggle against his arms. Her leg hurt really badly, but she tried to ignore it. A million thoughts passed through her head, and not one of them pleasant. Even with her leg flaring up she fought and struggled.

It didn't take long before she tore herself away.

Once again she raised the crutch, and with her eyes moistening she swung it again. This time it connected with her arm, causing Kam to cry out. Alex didn't give a proper response to that. She couldn't be bothered. Instead she struck once more.

She attempted to duck, but the next managed to get her in the head. Alex continued swinging, only for a hand to grip it. She turned her head, confusion in her eyes. It was Carlon, he was still trying to stop her. A glare had filled his eyes. Why? Not... just... maybe it was Carlon. What if she did something? What then? Or what if she did something like... a lot of things continued going through her head. Alex continued tugging at the crutch, her eyes flaring. She needed him to let go of her, things would be-

A series of gunshots ran out.

She felt her heart leap into her throat and back again, as a familiar pain rang through her body, this time in her stomach. Her eyes widened, trying to focus on what was going on.

Dimly, she noticed that Carlon had tightened his grip, then loosened. He slid to his knees, and Alex noticed that he was bleeding in his leg and chest. Alex felt like she could barely move, herself. The pain in her stomach overwhelmed her in a very real and very familiar way.

He fell to the ground, no longer moving.

Alex felt her legs buckle, and she fell next.

She landed on her side, her heart attempting to pump but in vain. For a moment, her thoughts stopped, only to start racing again. Instinctively, her hand lowered to her stomach, only to notice that the spot where it hurt was wet. It wasn't a good sign.

Carlon was still very close to her. He laid face down, unmoving, only an inch away. He wasn't making it. He... he was... no. He was another person she had failed to save or protect. The list just kept getting longer and longer. She was helping, saving, protecting, no one. She didn't make things better for anyone after all. In fact, what happened to Carlon was probably her own fault. Maybe if she went about this differently...

She knew what was happening to her. Not only did she fail, but she wasn't going to come out safe, not like this. It was clear what the pain and wetness in her stomach meant, and it wasn't good. Once again, Alex was scared of what would happen after she got shot. This time, though, the fear was more extreme. She knew that things weren't going to be okay.

This was it, then. Alex's vision had begun to darken. She didn't feel like screaming, saying something, or panicking. Fear was there, but she didn't want to react physically.

Was this how it would end for her? There were still many other things she wanted to do, things she hadn't experienced yet. She was going to bleed to death here. One shot in the leg was bad enough, but with one like this it wasn't going to be too long. She knew it. Her entire time here, and she hadn't accomplished a thing. She only got her and Carlon murdered, and Daniel before that.

Maybe Kam was a killer after all.

Maybe everything she tried up until this point did nothing.
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