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[Originally posted by Namira]

It was only a glancing blow, but the fact that it had been attempted at all was what threw Kammy for a loop. She needed a couple of seconds to parse what had happened - Alex had swung for her but Carlon had intervened- ...and then didn't get those seconds.

Alex tore loose from Carlon, seeming to just brush him aside effortlessly. She was hurt, yet it wasn't slowing her down as she closed the short distance with another swing of the crutch. Kam threw up an arm and yelped as the blow caught her in the forearm with a resounding crack, jarring her, sending her stumbling back a step from the force of it. Christ her arm.

"Alex what the fuck are you-"

Time, Kammy just needed time. To slow things down, to get an explanation, she COULD calm this down, it didn't need to be a fight - it shouldn't HAVE to be a fight. Alex had been tense obviously but coming after her- did she think Kammy was a player and lying all this-

The other girl was swinging again. Kam tried to duck away to her right, and-THWACK- stars exploded in front of her eyes as it caught her on the front of the head, just below the hairline so hard that Kammy thought that she was going to throw up. She stumbled back, fell. She could feel wetness on her head, and in a moment, the blood was running into her left eye, making it hard to see.

Not so difficult that she couldn't see Alex approaching again.

She just needed-

The gun was out of its holster. Thinking warding away, thinking forcing Alex to stop, thinking... Kam didn't know.

- time.

Repeated gunshots echoed through the lobby.
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