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[Originally posted by Imehal]

The loud sound echoed through the lobby, and Carlon met Makatala’s surprised but relieved expression with one of embarrassed awareness. It was the doors; not a gun, not anything remotely resembling a threat. It was almost a perfect moment to break the tension, and he felt some of the tension in him seep away as the sheer silliness of being frightened by a door took precedent. Except that out of the corner of his vision he saw movement. A crutch.

Shouting out was an idea that only crossed his mind as he stepped between attacker and would-be victim, one arm outstretched to halt the arc of the makeshift weapon with an open hand, whilst his left arm bent around Alexandria’s waist, clutching her to him to take some of the weight off her wounded leg. What was she doing – what was she thinking, attacking Makatala?

Carlon glared across at her, bewildered by her actions and desperate to understand them before it was too late. "Alexandria-"
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