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[Originally posted by KamiKaze]

Alex gritted her teeth.

The pressure was boiling up inside her now. Carlon had frustratedly told her to trust Kam. The way he worded it somehow... hurt. Like she was disappointing him or something. It stung, very hard. She knew that something was going to give, given what she had been thinking about, what she had been trying to suppress until she had almost gave in yesterday and how she was about to give in now. But now that things were bubbling to the surface? She knew that they were going to have a big long talk about this sort of thing once this was dealt with. One of them was probably going to bring it up. But it still hurt, the way he had told her that.

Alex almost wanted to back down, just because of how he said it. She really didn't want to do this.

But oh. Kam had to pitch in as well.

She felt everything build up further. The abduction, the slaughtering of Davidge and likely Lomelli, her seeing Daniel's corpse, him hurting her, her being so helpless and unable to save anyone or make something better, Chuck's death, the evil thoughts passing through her head, and now? And now? This was just icing on the cake. Carlon was now frustrated at her, and Kam was...

This wasn't just about saving people anymore. This was about one thing: Alex's anger. At everything.

Her face turned bright red, as Kam had been distracted by something.

There was one thing on her mind.

Alex allowed it to happen.

The crutch was now swung towards Kam's head.
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