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[Originally posted by Bikriki]

Aileen was cautious on her way up to Naomi. Silent, slow, stealthy. To see if Naomi was conspiring with the brown-haired girl. Fortune was on her side, as she managed to hide behind a door leading into the corridor. Aileen carefully moved to get a little view of what was in the corridor.

Indeed, Naomi was there with the brown-haired girl hovering about her. Aileen thought that she stumbled upon a... well, romantic scene, but then she took her sun glasses off to see what was really happening.

Alas, Naomi seemed to had a rather recent and swift decline in health, and it was obvious for Aileen that this was not some sadomasochistic sex with the dark-haired girl as the dominatrix. Aileen's entire body shivered for a brief moment. Yes, it was one thing to hear the names of your dead classmates on an announcement. And a corpse was just a bunch of water and carbon. But actually seeing your ally bleeding from various wounds, just recently given by someone who was still present, was more than unsettling.

Alright, killer around just a couple of feet away, still enjoying her last victim. That was bad, very bad. Especially given Aileen's suboptimal equipment. But, no need to despair, right?

The answer shifted from "yes" to "maybe" when she realized who exactly has murdered Naomi. Summer Simms. Which was something even more than just unsettling. Summer and Naomi were supposed to be friends. People who care for each other. People who did not want to kill each other. And they were friends, or? In this moment, as Aileen stood there, sunglasses clenched in her hand, lip bitten, her breath slowly getting more erratic, she realized exactly what the terrorists meant when they showed them the video at the beginning. Your friend will likely be the one who ends up killing you.

For a brief moment, Aileen wanted to turn and run away from what she saw. And then, she wanted to run towards Summer, unleashing the fury that was building up inside her. However, she was fixed by a weird curiousity. Summer still seemed to want to do something with Naomi. That girl cut into Naomi's stomach, and then she...

oh my god

Naomi was not a particulary good friend of Aileen. Hell, Aileen suspected that Naomi would betray her sooner or later. But all that mistrust, all the suspicion was meaningless now. All that was left in Aileen's mind was a blazing storm of rage, disgust and bitter desire to vent. This was not supposed to happen. This was not how she wanted things to be. Fuck Summer for eating Naomi. Fuck Naomi for not being careful and dying. Fuck Owen for not being here. Fuck them. Useless, everybody was useless.

Aileen closed her eyes for a while. She had a strong desire for violence now. Violence against Summer. And this time, Aileen would make sure to have things happen as she wanted.

She stepped into the corridor, throwing her sunglasses at Summer with as much velocity as she could muster.

"What the fuck are you doing?"
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