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[Originally posted by Pippin]

The anger that had fuelled Amy’s attack on Max swiftly turned to panic and utter fear as soon as he grabbed her wrist. That wasn’t supposed to happen, that wasn’t how it was supposed to go, he was supposed to back off, supposed to run, now he was just going to hold her there and shoot her and everything she’d just done would be fucking pointless.

So Amy did the first thing she could think of, the only option that seemed possible, and slammed her knee into Max’s face. She’d hardly heard Max’s attempts to calm her down, had only seen one way out of this, and she’d taken it. And for a moment, for a split second, it seemed to have worked. Max let go of her wrist, and if he wasn’t going to leave this place, then she’d happily do it. This wasn’t about pride, this was about life an-

Then all the air left her as Max slammed straight into her, carrying her backwards. For another split second, Amy’s feet left solid ground, and she felt herself falling. Then all the air was suddenly replaced with water, and it was only by some miracle that she didn’t open her mouth, but she couldn’t stop herself from flailing, panicking blindly at first, trying to find solid ground and air to breathe.

Somehow, that panicked flailing was enough for Amy’s head to break the surface of the water, wide eyed and gasping for air. She could just about touch the floor, standing on the ramp that signalled the shift from shallow to deep end. A couple steps the other way, and she might not have been so lucky.

And Jesus was she lucky, because somehow, despite being tackled into the pool, despite having to face her greatest fear, she still had a chance to get out of this alive. Max had followed her into the pool, and if she could get out before he realised where he was and what had happened, then maybe, just maybe, she could run, run and never look back.

Amy headed straight for the ladder at the shallow end of the pool, trying to move as fast as possible through the listless green water. It was ungainly and slow, Amy unable to swim and trying to attempt to run. But she was almost there; the water was getting shallower and shallower, and the ladder getting nearer and nearer.

And then Amy felt Max grab her from behind, and her head went under the surface once again.
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