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[Originally posted by The Burned Handler]

(This scene will have some GMing from both parties for flow purposes.)

Whoa, fuc-

The steel flew out of his hand and clattered along the ground, and Amy was a screaming blur that nearly beat him into the concrete before he even knew what was happening. Amy wasn't strong, she wasn't an athlete, she had never been taught how to fight that he knew of, but fear and anger led to strength and he'd somehow let himself be caught off guard again. His legs acted before his brain caught up, sending him back away from danger but not far back enough.

Suddenly, there was pain, what felt like the blackjack's edge cutting through his core muscles and turning his legs to rubber. He vaguely registered the air fleeing his lungs and the bite of the stone as he fell to a knee, and his eyes caught the flash of wood as Amy's club meant to crack open his skull and leave his brains to cook like an egg by the poolside. He flinched, shot a hand up and caught a wrist, and suddenly the blackjack was frozen but Amy kept going. Nails raked across his face and narrowly missed his eye, leaving vivid red lines while he kept the screaming girl at bay. He was lucky she wasn't strong.

"Amy, stop! Goddamn it, girl, will you calm the hell d-"

Something took a fistful of the hair on the back of his head, and his vision filled with black fabric before he saw stars and pain spread over his face like fire. He tasted blood rushing from his nose, sharp and metallic, and though it didn't feel broken he cried out. Nobody'd dared hit him like that before. He thought about that, then he saw red.

Fuck it, he'd tried being nice. Amy wasn't strong, and sure, Max probably wouldn't be winning any fistfights with football players any time soon, but he was an athlete. Practise had built up his muscles, his reflexes, turned him into something better, and in that moment the rational part of his brain shut down and animal efficiency said to make use of it. He was stronger, faster, tougher, and he wasn't going to get his head bashed in next to a stagnant pool by some whiny ex.

He let go of the wrist and threw himself forwards, coming off his knee and catching Amy at the midsection, then after a few paces the next thing he saw was the green water rushing up to meet them.
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