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Alex was beginning to get under her skin. Kam could understand starting to side-eye someone who had a gun and said that they'd use it if necessary, but at this point, the other girl was straight up twisting what Kammy was saying. Reminded her of being on student council actually... a few of the group's members had made a habit of trying to be clever and sneaky by doing that type of thing.

"Alex I understand you're antsy, but you're reading things from what I'm saying that I'm not saying. You're acting like I'm looking for an opportunity. I said that I would if I HAD to, not that I would if I COULD. Those are two very, very different things. Got it?"

Holy hell. Kam had sympathy for distrust on the island, she really did. However, surely there came a point where you had to accept that someone was just telling the truth? If Kammy had meant them harm, she could've lied through her teeth and claimed pretty much anything she wanted, never brought up the gun at all. Surely her mentioning that she was aware that it MIGHT be necessary to use it was a show of faith in of itself?

Christ. Diplomacy was failing her. It was like trying to push through a brick wall.

The hospital's doors slammed. Kammy jumped and whirled, heart in her throat and... nothing. The wind had blown them shut. Good lord that had been scary.

"False alarm I guess. Jeez that was-"
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